Are you more comfortable washing than cooking?

We will email you 6 custom lessons—one per week, every week—specially designed to teach you cooking fundamentals.

Whether you're a kitchen zero or culinary hero, we are confident you will be ready to cook a gourmet dinner come Mother's Day!


Impress Mom with this deceptively simple 3-course, gourmet meal:


Purple potatoes with pickled cabbage and crema


Salmorejo—a rustic Spanish tomato soup—garnished with eggs, breadcrumbs, and ham


Homemade tortilla with roasted pork shoulder or cauliflower, pickled jalapenos, jicama, cotija cheese, and pico de gallo


Bonus! Fresh-Baked Ginger Molasses Cookies

  • Purple potatoes with pickled cabbage and crema
  • Salmorejo—a rustic Spanish tomato soup—garnished with eggs, breadcrumbs, and ham
  • Homemade tortilla with roasted pork shoulder or cauliflower, pickled jalapenos, jicama, cotija cheese, and pico de gallo
  • Bonus! Fresh-Baked Ginger Molasses Cookies
Is Mom vegan? Need a gluten-free option?

Each weekly lesson focuses on cooking fundamentals useful to carnivores and herbivores alike.

Lessons' recipes will include suggested modifications for many popular diets; the Week 6 (Mother's Day!) recipes will come with inline notes for vegetarian & vegan options.

Six Free Lessons

Starting April 2, we will send you new lesson content every week, covering topics such as:

Feeling crunched for time?

If you want to spend less than 5 hours per week in the kitchen, let's make the most of your time! Our lessons are packed full of helpful tips for common tasks like shopping, cooking, and cleaning.

Learning to run a continuous kitchen will further help you save time and eat healthy by reusing by-products like leftover veggies and chicken bones.

Why Is This Free?

We swear, there really is no catch.

Cook For Mom is a bespoke, ethically-produced course curated and largely written by Corey Mintz. Corey is a Toronto-based food writer, and in a former life even cooked professionally (bio below).

Aidan Nulman created this site, owns the accounts, and is subsidizing costs. In his own time, Aidan is working on software for cooks; through this course he hopes to provide value to (and hopefully meet!) strangers who want to cook better.

While we are inspired by innovation we see in home cooking—from Instant Pot to Blue Apron—we are concerned with recent trends around food education. School districts have been cutting home ec programs since the 1980s, and many Western, dual-income households struggle to build lasting food traditions.

We are excited to explore new ways to make food education easy and fun, and very much hope you will join us!

Need kitchen gear?

You don't need a rice cooker or a stand mixer to follow along, but you will need some basics. In particular:

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About Us

Corey Mintz

Corey Mintz is a food writer and columnist for the Globe & Mail, focusing on the intersection between food with politics, farming, labour, ethics and culture.

Before this spoiled lifestyle, he was a restaurant critic. Before that spoiled life, he actually worked for a living, as a cook. He is also the author of How to Host a Dinner Party (House of Anansi, 2013).

For his long running Fed column in the Toronto Star, he has hosted 192 dinner parties. Guests ranged from politicians, criminals, and artists, to hi-rise window washers, competitive barbecuers and police college instructors.

He is a fully licensed driver.

Aidan Nulman

Aidan is a serial founder and full-stack developer based in Toronto, Canada who wants to help cooks build confidence as they acquire new skills in the kitchen.

Prior to developing this course, Aidan was a Partner at Isle of Code, where he shipped web, mobile, and desktop apps for clients including TED, Common Sort, and Humi.

When not slinging code or in the kitchen, he is most often found bicycling, enjoying live music, or neck-deep in Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

Aidan owns an autographed MC Hammer photograph.

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